Note: Dora wrote her personal memories in 2008. Go to the Sorenson history section to read
her first hand account of what life was like in the early years in North Dakota.
Also note: go to the main page and click on the Sorenson oral history link. There, you will hear stories
about the Sorenson brothers and learn more of their pioneering personalities!

It was said that Dora's personality was definitely "not vanilla"

Al Riverwood

Al's funeral 2003

Dora likes to paint (2003)

Golfed 36 holes this week! (2004)

Dora is in the North Dakota Golf Hall of Fame, and was ND runner up twice. She loved to compete against anyone!

Dora played Patty Berg in Bismark

This is the score card for that day.

Mack & Lonnie
(Al's nephew who cared for Dora after Al died)

A few of Dora's "kids"

Dora's Obituary

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