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Elsie Claffllin family. No date or names provided yet

Havelock school in 2003. Not the original building

Three sons of William Kunze: Bob, Russell, Bill. Bob and Russell's wives are named Lois.

A cousin and three brothers in fall of 2003 in Dickinson.

holster 2.
holster 3

colt 44

John Fred 2006

Inside Havelock school with John and Bob. John concluded the raccoons have learned to read and write and have taken over
This bridge was known as the Kunze bridge and a sign proclaimed that. Kunze township still exists
Ann Kunze, who may have been a cousin to H.O. Kunze ( Val Floeter)
Wedding picture of H.O. Kunze and Ida Krebs
A sister and two brothers: Karl, Bill and Tillie Elsie and Lyle Clafllin This sleepy German town is Lauchstaedt. Ancestors may have come from there. (Val Floeter)

H.O. Kunze and Ida Krebs

Bill and Emma Kunze

Harry Kunze

Emma Hettman

The graves above are located in Havelock Cemetery, a few miles outside of New England, ND.
Marlin Kunze of Bismarck has used funds from a few acres of Kunze land to make sure headstones exist and the graves are in good repair.
This land is located at Havelock and does not have a clear title owing to an old railroad claim. It is approximately 17 acres.
Eventually, Marlin hopes that a scholarship can be set up at New England High in the Kunze name.

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