Paternal Grand Parents and Parents of Sorenson Siblings

Andrew Sorenson Skaarup was born in Hjortshoy Statien, Denmark. He was Dena (and siblings) Kunze's paternal grandfather.

sorensonGallery/RasmusTB.jpgAndrew's son, Rasmus Sorenson Skaarup was born at Hjortshoy Statien on 1/7/1859. Rasmus was a mason by trade. He migrated to the U.S. and dropped his last name. He married Selma Victoria Nelson from Maynard, MN on 10/31/1899. She was 24 years younger than Rasmus. They moved to North Dakota in the spring of 1916 and started farming south of New England. Rasmus died on 12/3/1931. Selma died on 11/22/1963. She never remarried. These was Dena Sebella Kunze's parents.

Maternal Grand Parents and Parents of Sorenson Siblings

Nels Nelson Monson was born in Stockholm, Sweden on June 7th, 1851. He died in Maynard, MN on 12/21/1931. He was a farmer in Sweden but migrated to the U.S.A. in 1873, and found his way to Maynard, MN. Upon arrival in the U.S. he followed a common practice and dropped his last name. Nels Nelson married Nannie Benson on 11/1/1882.

Nannie Benson was born in Skoning, Sweden on 1/9/1868 and migrated in 1875 (age 7) with her parents. She remarried in 1918 to Thor Sloan (died in 1938). Nannie Benson Nelson Sloan died on 2/12/1938 in Granite Falls.

Selma Victoria Nelson was born to Nels Monson and Nannie in Maynard, MN on 9/25/1883 and died in New on 11/22/1963. She married Rasmus Sorenson and moved to New England in 1916.

These were Dena Sorenson Kunze's maternal gandparents.

Dora Sorenson Huncovsky has written her memoirs about growing up in this family. Read her memoirs by clicking here.

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