Listening Guide for Students

(Introduction to the Headwaters Mystery Podcast)

Directions: As you listen to the Introduction to the Headwaters podcast, listen for answers to the questions below. Stop the podcast or even back it up if you need to do that. The questions are roughly in the same order as the answers are discussed in the podcast.


1. What part of a major river is especially interesting to Geographers? __________  (source)

2. Geographers are also interested in how the source of a major river shapes the ________ down river from the source. (regions)

3. Explain how the source of the Mississippi River differs from major European rivers  ____________________________________________________. European rivers have a clear source in a lake or spring)

4. At the time explorers were looking for the source of the Mississippi River, what other major world rivers also had no known source?

___________________ (Nile River)

___________________ (Amazon River)

5. Unlike the European Rivers, the Mississippi River originates in _______ and _________ and relatively __________ land.  (bogs, swamps, flat)

6. European Rivers often travel from a mountain source in a relatively straight line down to the mouth. The Mississippi source near the headwaters meanders around in the shape of a _____________ (question mark)

7. One definition of the source of the Mississippi is to look for the ____________ lake from the mouth of the river. (farthest)

8. A second definition of the source of the Mississippi is to look for the point which is the farthest you can travel over ____________ water from the mouth. (flowing)

9. A third definition of the source of the Mississippi is to measure from the most distant point that a _______________ lands in the headwaters basin to the mouth. (raindrop)

10. Some geographers and scientists say that there are __________ answers to the real source of the Mississippi River. (several)