50th Reunion --Friday at Goodfellows

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Cocktails and hors de oeuvres at Goodfellows on Friday

Friday group B

Friday group c

Friday group 1B

Friday group x1

Friday group Z
Carol Lowell
Pat Kern
Wes Lois
LaVerna Knorr June and Ginny Norm, Dee, Wilbur, Gwen
Don, Pat Dick
Sigurd Lund
Ron and Don O
Friday group A
Charles Karen
Mona Sig
Pete Nancy A
LeRoy Gordy
Sharron DickC
Sue Lowell
Dee Marge
Jan Wilbur
JerryM JeanA
LaVerna Bothuns
Roger Mearl
Gwen Bob
Margo Marge Gwen
Ron JoAnneL
Ron Sue Pray
Sandy Mary
Al Sheldon
Wes Mearl Wilbur Emily Dahl Jeanine G      

Created by

Fred Kunze