Tributes to Ron From His Montevideo Class of 1957



Now he and Sue are together without all of the sorrows that have happened.



I am so very sorry for Ron's family,  I always liked Ron so much, a great guy and I know the two of you were very close.



I guess I don't have any stories about Ron except to say that I have never met a more kind hearted, gentle soul than Ron. He was someone that everyone should try to emulate.



Blessed be Ron's memory! 



I guess our paths never crossed that much through the years although I thought Ron was a really nice guy. And, of course, Sue was super too. Classmates who married well with each other. Sounds like a loving family who have gathered around Ron.  Was it Wendy who came to our 55th class reunion with Ron?  I thought that was so nice of her to do that for his sake.  A thoughtful family.



You probably recall that Susan and I have common Stuber cousins.  I am going to forward your message to them because I know they would appreciate your words and perspective.



So many nice memories of both Sue and Ron.



I saw Ron 3 weeks ago and I felt so badly at his decline.  We still had a conversation, but it was very confusing to him.  But, we did talk about the old times from High School to the times being together, along with our kids when we lived in St. Cloud.  I got a big hug when we said "Good-bye".  He and Allan always exchanged a few words of Norwegian when we arrived and when we left.



....we keep him and the family in prayer...the over riding memory i have of Ron in the casual conversation and laughter we shared was his gentile and quiet spirit......his deep love for Susan, my childhood best friend, was always present and i admired him for this......may the LORD's Grace and  Peace be with his family in this time of sorrow.     diane and al



I am so sorry to hear about Ron and send my condolences to his family.  Kay (Lorans Clarkson)



Fred-thank you for email about Ron- he was a good guy!  I will not be able to attend the service- will think of Ron that day- Virginia Cronin- class mate



Thanks for the info regarding Ron's funeral.  Unfortunately, I have a previous committment which I cannot reschedule. Please convey my sincere condolences to the Ron Pray family.  I am so sorry that I will be unable to attend the funeral. Ron was a good friend.



Dick Carlson (Monte57 Golf Friend)

I was thinking about some of the fun times we had an couldn't help but to laugh to myself about:


Once we were playing at Lake View golf course by Larry Pray's house. We played there because it wasn't too busy and we would tee off as a 3 some, then a 2 some until we got out of sight of the Club house , then we would all five play together.


It was the hottest day of the summer and after playing 9 holes we stopped into the club house for something to eat and drink.  The club house manager came over too see "how things are going"? We said " it sure is hot out there" and he said everyone else has quit or got a rain check for another day. He was trying to give us the hint to quit so he could go home.  But we were too na•ve to quit. (I didn't want to say "dumb") So we went back out on the course to finish our other nine holes .


Another time, and you may have to be a golfer to understand this one), we were out on the golf course and Ron's short chip put him about fifty yards from the golf hole.  Someone yelled do you want the pin in or out of the hole. But he was a good sport. Ron yelled back "just take the pin out".


Fred F (occasional casino run and golf friend--sent from Thailand where he is currently working)

I am sorry to hear of Ron's passing. I send my sympathies and best wishes. I also appreciated the times that you arranged for me to spend with him. 


Larry Pray

Thinking of times with Ron makes me smile a lot and always will, like when we were fishing up north and decided to rent golf clubs and hit 9 holes.  Going up to the T box, Ron first, looking down the fairway to the flag, me waiting, T in hand, one couple waiting to hit behind us... then suddenly we realized we didn't have any golf balls.  Had to go back to the club house to buy some. 


But we did catch fish in those days



 It was very touching (and funny) to read your comments about memories with Ron.  It brought back a lot of memories for me from those good old days!   Long-time friendships are hard to come by, and they are such a gift to have in life.  So, I extend my condolences to you as well along with a quote I sent to Larry:


"Death changes us.  We are left with heartaches no one but ourselves can heal.  However, even the saddest times can become a source of wisdom and strength once we have made peace with them.  Death ends a life, but it does not end a relationship.  What we have once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes a part of us".


Thanks so much!


Jan (Winge) Imsland