As many of you know, my grandpa was an amazing person. He was full of love, kindness, and life. I obviously have to mention how much of a gentleman he was, even until the day he passed away. He enjoyed going to the movies with his family and eating lots of popcorn, fishing, golfing, working in his wood shop, going to Dairy Queen for his ice cream, and  carrying Chester around- because letÕs face it Chester isnÕt one who can walk around much. He also enjoyed going to Arizona in the winters with my grandma, Sue. Also, in his older years he still had his sea legs because he even went on a few cruises with Sue, Wendy and Penny.

 He had 3 wonderful children, Tim, Wendy (my mom), and Penny, with the love of his life, my grandma, Sue. From those children came their grandchildren, Kelly, Nicole, Sammie (myself), Trenton, Mike and Nick. He loved his grandchildren so much. He would do anything he could to make the 6 of us grandchildren feel loved and special.

Kelly will always remember eating dinner at their house when Trenton was about 7-8 years old and hated his vegetables. Grandma had told him, ÒHe needs to eat his vegetables to get big and strong.Ó Grandpa then said, ÒYeah, and they wonÕt put hair on your chest, but they will give you one long hair on your back.Ó Trenton looked terrified.

Trenton will always remember taking a family vacation down to Arizona one winter to visit them. Grandpa made a point to show Trenton what Dairy Queen he gets his ice cream at. One night they were by the pool goofing around and grandpa told him to be careful or heÕd jump in after him. Trenton told him he couldnÕt because he didnÕt have a swimsuit on. Trenton then proceeded to dive under the water to come back to see grandpa jumping into the pool with all of his clothes on.

Mike always loved working in his workshop with grandpa and fishing in the pond down the street from their house.

Nick will always remember one day when he was over at their house Grandpa was chasing him around the house with a fart machine and grandma was pushing the button, and going to Macaroni Grill with both of them.

Nicole will always remember how he got her to like LiptonÕs boxed chicken noodle soup, how he always made the best ice cream sundaes, and how when her, Mike, Nick, and myself were just little kids we would be at grandma and grandpaÕs house for breakfast and the four of us would sit on the counter and help grandpa make waffles. Of course the four of us were eating the batter to where there was barely any left to make waffles, but because grandpa spoiled us he didnÕt say anything.

I will always cherish the day when grandpa and I went to a movie alone (surprisingly grandma wasnÕt with us) and the movie we chose to go see was My Super Ex-Girlfriend. For those of you who donÕt know that movie, we will just say that there were a couple scenes where they were letÕs just say, LOVEY DOVEY. Boy, did I feel awkward! And the mornings some of the grandkids would stay the night at their house and we would help grandpa make waffles for breakfast, his plaid shirts with jeans, and like nick had said Macaroni Grill with both of them.

In closing IÕd like to read a poem.

ÒGrandpaÕs Gone to HeavenÓ

One quiet day the angels came

And took grandpa far away

But in the stillness of the night

I could almost hear him say


ÒDear grandchild, I will miss you

You mean so much to me

But Jesus called me to his side

In heaven I will be


A place of GodÕs great beauty

No tears or earthly cares

Only peace and joy forever

And love beyond compare


So remember all the good times

DonÕt think about the sad

Treasure all the special moments

Through the years weÕve always had


And if you trust in Jesus

I can promise this and more

You will get a hug from grandpa

Someday on HeavenÕs golden shore.