Montevideo Class of 1957 in 2007
Oh My, How We Have Changed!
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Note: feel free to email me a current, individual picture, whether you were at the 50th reunion or not, and I'll
create a "Now and Then" picture for you. Just hover your cursor over any picture and it should change
from a yearbook picture to a current (or 2007) picture....Fred

Roy in 57 and 07
Sandy in 57 and 07
Sharron in 57 and 07
Shirley Vik in 57 and 2007
Sig Lund in 57 and 2007
Sue in 5  7 and 2007
Nita in 57 and 2007
Verna in 57 and 2007
Big Vern in 57 and 2007
Ginny in 57 and 2007
Virginia in 57 and 2007
Wally in 57 and 2007
Wes in 57 and 2007
Wilbur in 57 and 20 07

All pictures to the right of this box were added AFTER the 50th reunion. Not at the reunion either? Want your picture here? Then, email me a picture of you now. I'll create a "Then and Now" for you.


Marty Jense 1957 and 2007