Official Class Pictures by Years (also) Mystery Pictures for Class of 57

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(updated 10/31/17)

class pano 2017
2017 (60th)

2012 thumb2012 (55th)


2007 (50th)




1992 (corrected)


1985 All Class Reunion



Thanks Lowell Gemsey!


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Which classmates daughter? .
Mystery Picture #1

Mystery Picture #2

Mystery Picture #7Mystery 7


Mystery #7Mystery 7 ANSWERS
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Mystery #8
Confirm Class 1952
Sorry, no answers available
Mystery #9Girls in 49
No Answers
Fiesta Royalty 58 Fiesta Royalty 58
Grade 4 class picture
6th grade
Mexican Hat Dance grade 4
Fiesta Royalty 1957
fred 1953
Saron church confirmation
Wegdahl girls swim suits
Dick & Mary 57

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