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Last update: 9/25/18

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Names are sorted by HS last name (in middle of name).

Deceased classmates names are removed from this list and placed on the "Deceased" page.

Bettger Aamot Jean
Goodwin Adamson Eulala
Linnee Agre Bev
Anderson Roy
Harrell Armstrong Janet
Arnold Jack
Meslow Bangsund Karen
Thomas Bang Ann
Ryer Beltz Virginia
Blank Jerry
Fischer Boelter Charlene
McRoden Bouska Margaret
Bouska Don
Stein Bresson Romana
Paget Burgeson Nancy
Jorgenson Buseman Joanne
Carlson Richard
Larson Claggett Marge
Gilsrud Clawson Patricia

Cronin Virginia
Doebbert Larry
Donahue Patrick
Van DeWater Doring Beverly
Emmert Norman
Gregerson Erickson Valorie
Daugherty Evjen LaVonne
Frazee Don
Antonette Frisholm Joy
Joslyn Garbe Janice
Gemsey Lowell
Gilsrud Gary
Goulson Gothe Dawn
Grams Charles
Aly Hacker Clara
Halverson David
Faber Haugerud Gertrude
Erickson Hegg Elaine
Olson Hegre Marlene
Iverson Himley Janice
Johnson Holien Ardyce
Orrie Jacobson June
Brewer Jacobson Katherine
Jensen Dick
Jensen Marty
Johnson Bud
Johnson Beverly
Feist Johnson Margo
Johnson Dorothy
Jorgenson Roger
Kern Pat
Kibler Mearl
Oleson Kivley Marlene
Johnson Knorr Laverne
Shelton Koehn Judith
Hinde Korte Carol
Kunze Fred
Wadsworth Kurtzbein Diane
Hartman Lanes Jonay
Lanes Lee
Lewis Berkley
Linnee Joanne
Clarkson Lorans Kay
Olson Lund Sigrid
Lundin Jim
Mettling Wallace
Anderson Miller Judy
Anderson Mills Carol
Sundem Moe Carol
Grams Mohn Karen
Ensrud Morehouse Irene
Nash Bill
Kunze Nokleby Janice
Peterson Noard Virginia
O'Connel Nordby Dee
Norman Wilbur
Norton Willard
Oakland Donald
Olson Alfred
Anderson Ostenson Emogene
Paulsrud Harlan
Peterson Norman
Patrick Roesetter Verna
Van Putten Schneider Joan
Schrapp Wesley
Shawd Roger
Sheldon Al
Winge Skonard Judy
Jensen Sletten Mary Ann
Smith Stan
Gose Smith Shirley
Graue Standring Gwen
Strommenger Roger
Liggitt Sunderland Elaine
Anderson Swanson Nita
Tillman Chuck
Velde Ole
Vik Jim
Rode Vik Shirley
Haugen Ward Peggy
Dally Waters Virginia
Johnson Weisbrod Carol
Williamson LeRoy
Winters Larry
Bothun Zimmerman Timmy

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